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1981 Piper Turbo Arrow IV For Sale!

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Price: Was $89,500

Reduced to $82,000




This site is somewhat new and  still under development so check back after some time to see changes.

Here are some specs on my plane:

Make/Model:          PA-28RT-201T

Year:                           1981

Total Time:               approx. 3900 hours

S/N:                             28R-8131191

Engine:                       Continental TSIO-360-FB   approx. 1000 hours on SMOH

Propeller:                  3-Blade

Home Base:               Texas


I bought this plane about 3 years ago and I've put in between 400 to 500 hours on it. Its been a very good economical plane for me. I flight plan for 150kt at 10,000 ft and burn 12 gals per hr ROP.

Airframe Hours: 3900
Engine: 1000hrs on SMOH - note: these hours will very because I fly this plane regularly.

Maintenance Condition:
Next Annual Due December 31 2013 (Just completed fresh annual on December 10 2012)
Aways Hangered and Complete logs 
Maintenance last couple of months: New  Main tires and tubes, overhauled attitude indicator. upgraded from a JPI 700 to a 800 with all the goodies! - New Left & Right Magnetos replaced in the spring.

This turbo arrow has had the firewall fixed right behind the turbo two years ago.
If your looking for one be sure to check this out because they all will sooner or later burn a hole though the firewall and that will ground the plane and it cost any where from $5000.00-$10,000.00 to fix. Once its fixed with a doubler patch its better then new. Check out the pics on the right.


Audio / Marker:         Not
Com #1                          Garmin 430
Nav #1                           Garmin 430
Com#2                           King
Nav #2                           King
Transpoder:                 Upgraded in Jan 2013 to a GTX 330 with Traffic to 430
DME:                               King
ADF:                                King
Autopilot:                    Century 41 with altitude hold and glide slope coupling (works very good)
ELT:                                 406 MHz


                                         Factory Oxy 4 place
                                         JPI 800 with EGT, TIT, Oil Temp, fuel flow, RPM, MP, OAT, % of HP & lots more!
                                         External Power Receptacle

Additional upgrades
                                         Pressurized Mags
                                         Marlyn wast gate     
                                         Gami Injectors


                                        Mark Unruh:   979-429-0278
                                        Email:             Click here to email Mark

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